Qadhafi, his achievements:

Qadhafi, his achievements:

qadhafi his achievements
qadhafi his achievements


Qadhafi, was he that bad? Analysis of his achievements…

Has Qadhafi been a dictator? Indeed he was! However, he loved his country and did many good things for the citizens of Libya. Western governments easily skip that part every time.

Libya under Moammar al-Qadhafi was not necessarily a bad place to live in according to the facts presented by Libyan citizens themselves. Sure, one did not have the luxury to vote or the disagree with the supreme leader. None the less, there was a democratic process in place on the local level of government. With all the negative propaganda going on at the time it is hard to forget the long list of his achievements.

Under the leadership of Qadhafi education and medical care were free for all residents of Libya. During the Arab Spring uprising one of the arguments used was that the quality of medical care was low, but one should take into consideration that it was free as in free beer. No system is perfect and achieving medical care of perfect quality is almost impossible. Never the less, providing free medical care for his people was not a minor achievement, one that many leaders of so called democratic countries don’t even take into consideration.

Newly weds received $50,000 from the government:

Qadhafi’s government had a program in place so support every newly wed couple with the amount of 50.000 us dollar, the idea was that every newly wed couple should be supported to get their family started by giving them the opportunity to buy their first apartment.

Libya being a dessert has delivered water to it’s entire population, The Qadhafi government launched the Great Man Made River in order to achieve this.

Libyan finances were in perfect condition. To put this achievement into perspective , the USA has over 18 trillion of us dollar debt. Libya had non whatsoever.

0.14 us dollar for a liter of fuel:

Makes you jealous doesn’t it?

Qadhafi’s Green Book categorically mentioned, “The house is a need of both the individual and the family in order to function and to be happy, therefore it can not be owned by others.” He vowed that he would not secure a house for his own parents until every citizen owned one.

Gender equality in Libya was imposed. Women were free to dress how they wanted and were guaranteed equal rights and equal acess to education.

300 us dollar monthly unemployment benefit:

Yes, you left school and didn’t find a job immediately, the Qadhafi administration provided you with a minimal monthly income.

There was enough to eat:

No shortage of food in Qadhafi’s Libya.

Citizen ownership of the national oil resources:

Since 21 February 2011 every Libyan citizen was a shareholder of the Libyan natural resources.

Was Qadhafi a dictator? Sure. Was he worst of his kind? I doubt it.


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